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KAB 2012 International Killi Photo Competition

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KAB 2012 International Killi Photo Competition

Post  Killifish News on Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:14 am

KAB 2012 International Killi Photo Competition

The Killi Association of Bulgaria,(KAB), announces its Fourth Killifish Photo Competition.
We are very excited to present this competition in the field of digital images and hope to encourage international participation by giving enthusiasts the possibility to e-mail their submissions as file attachments.

1. Photography classes:
- Portrait - (There is the whole fish on the picture, also a macro close up…)
- Action - (There are mostly 2-3 fishes in breeding or kombat process)

2. Parameters for submitted digital files:
- Files format - JPEG
- Resolution - 1024x768 pix.
Images should follow these parameters approximately, allowing the vertical dimension to fall as per aspect ratio of the particular image. If images do not meet these size requirements, they will be resized by the personal of the Photography Judging Committee, in order to ensure image display during the judging process. Any names or signs on the files are forbidden!

3. The competitor must be the author of the digital file, even if the subject of the photo is not his property.

4. None of the photos must be published(printed) yet in some aqua-magazines/ bulletins. It doesn’t mean the all forum-sharing photos!

5. Usage of programs such as Photoshop is allowed, but not in a manner that exaggerates the real characteristics of the fish.
(Do not make an original yellow fin intensive orange or red!)

6. File name in the e-mail:
File name should include entrant’s last name, first name, full name of the fish, and location (if known).

7. Number of entries allowed:
There is a limit of 5 files, per class, per entrant.

8. All files will be stored in the KAB archive. Substandard pictures will be deleted. The pictures entered in this competition could be used for articles in the KAB Killi Bulletin. The name of the author of the used file will be acknowledged. If foreign editors express interest in the photos, they will be given the e-mail address of the author to discuss terms of use.

9. A checklist of submissions must occupy the body of the e-mail(s) accompanying the attached files, and may contain additional information about the fish and other pertaining information.

10. Method of delivery:
Entries should be e-mailed as file attachment to:
subject: KAB 2012 International Killi Photo Competition

11. Timeline:
-Beginning of file entry - 1st of July 2012
-Dead line for file entry- 23rd of December 2012
-Announcement of the competition results- 15th of January 2013

12. The results will be announced through:
-Killi Bulletin of KAB
-World killi web sites
-Aquarium Photograph web sites
-Friendly correspondences

13. Awards:
There will be three awards in every class. The awards are not financial.
The purpose of the competition is to promote awareness for the Killi fish hobby.
The winners must send the original files to the Jury!

14. All question concerning KAB 2012 Killi Photo Competition must be sent to: Hristo Hristov- Head of the Jury Todor Metchkov- Deputy Head of the Jury Todor Hristov- Chairman of KAB

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Re: KAB 2012 International Killi Photo Competition

Post  Killifish News on Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:17 am

results of our KAB 2010 International Killi Photo Competition…
It was really spectacular show of plentiful wonderful photos and pleasure for me, as the Head of the Jury!
Of course, it was very difficult to take the choice for only 3 winners photos of each Category…!?
And the guilty about are mostly some very talented Photographers from France, participating this time! Cool

First, the entire statistic:
77 photos submitted Photos for Category “Portrait”
39 photos submitted Photos for Category “Action”
23 Competitors from 11 Countries (random listing):

1. Frans Vermeulen
2. Tony Terceira (AKA)
3. Jose Ramon Tauste (EKC)
4. Jean Pol Vandersmissen (AKFB)
5. Peter Venstermans (AKFB)
6. Roman Rak
7. Marek Marszal
8. Matt Ford (
9. Roberto Arbolea (SEK)
10. Jesus Benitez (SEK ; KCA ; EKC ; RKA )
11. Rui Chocas (APK)
12. Luis Oliveira (APK)
13. Guillaume Dethu (KCF ; EKC)
14. Olivier Buisson (KCF)
15. Jean-Pierre JACQUET (KCF)
16. Laurent Blondet (EKC ; KCF)
17. Jim Sizelove
18. Kenjiro Tanaka
19. Zahari Metchkov
20. Vasko Gogov
21. Tzveti Ivanova
22. Marina Dimitrova
23. Nikola Ivanov

So, here are the Winners:

Category “Portrait”:

1-st Place Olivier Buisson - Fundulopanchax sjoestedti

2-nd Place Frans Vermeulen - Neofundulus paraguayensis-Rio de Oro, Resistencia

3-rd Place Tony Terceira - Terc_A_loenbergi JVC 08 32km South of Kribi

Category “Action”:

1-st Place Frans Vermeulen - Rachovia maculipinnis

2-nd Place Roman Rak - Nothobranchius rachovii Quelimane MZCS 2009-249

3-rd Place Olivier Buisson - Nimbapanchax leucopterygius Lola GRC 90-174

Congratulation for the Winners!

The rest of TOP 30 Photos of the both Categories - coming soon…

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